Our Mission


At Pure Woori Taekwondo & Hapkido Academy we offer a balance of self-defense, physical training and artistic expression. Students can expect with regular practice to become more flexible, toned, and have more stamina. As they progress, they also develop more awareness of their surroundings and quicker response time. As a result of their physical training, students build self-esteem, confidence and self-discipline which is essential to success in all avenues of life.



We call upon students to be honest, compassionate, respectful and persistent. In Korean, “Woori” means “You and Me”; in other words, Together. In our program we work with people of all skill levels, who learn at different paces. It is our goal to foster a space free of judgement, where people can be themselves and help each other progress. While each student’s practice is deeply personal, by supporting one another and working together, we train to have a healthy body, mind, and soul.



Through belt promotion exams, students learn to set goals and develop an understanding that with hard work and dedication they can achieve excellence. We emphasize that this applies to our whole life- both in and outside the dojang.



It is an honor to guide others on their Taekwondo and Hapkido journey. Our Instructors and Assistant Instructors have a deep commitment to martial arts and the Pure Woori family. By example we lead, with good character, competence and continual growth. We are constantly training and learning in order to provide quality instruction in a way that is fun and engaging.


What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art, and is loosely translated as “the way of kicking and punching”. In Taekwondo, hands and feet can be used to overcome an opponent, but the trademark of the sport is its combination of kick movements. Taekwondo is 60% kicking and 40% blocking and striking. Children can begin practicing Taekwondo at the age of 4.


What is Hapkido?​

Hapkido is loosely translated as “harmony of the mind and body’s energy.” Hapkido tones the body and increases stamina, but is mainly geared toward using and strengthening the upper body. This close contact martial art teaches arm-locks, pressure points, and submission techniques as your defense. Students are taught to move in a circular motion using the other person’s power (energy) to stop an attack.


Comments from the Pure Woori Community

“We signed our son up for Taekwondo September 2019 and so thankful we did! Master Asad and Senior Instructor Liz are wonderful teachers. They are caring and direct with the students and are advocates for parents. Our son is learning discipline and patience! He is getting stronger, mentally and physically. I am so thankful for Pure Woori and they have been offering virtual classes during the pandemic which has been a great addition to our schedule. It’s a great place to bring your child!”

-Parent of 7 yr old orange belt student


“I recommend anyone, who want to have their children strong, respectful, and confident, consider taking them to Pure Woori, and try some free trial classes.”

-Parent of Pure Woori 1st and 2nd degree black belts


“I retired after 39 years. Joining Pure Woori & Hapkido Academy of Hyde Park has been a life changing experience. I am getting in shape and learning a valuable practice.”

-Adult Student


“My daughter has been going to Pure Woori TKD for 4 years and loves it. It helps in building self-confidence, it keeps her active, it exposes her to other positive kids.”

-Parent of Pure Woori deputy belt student


Resolution Honoring Academy Founder Master Asad